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The Footpaths of Mere

With over 70 footpaths there are plenty of opportunities to go walkabout! There is about 35 metres of footpath for each person in the town.

Some of the paths are town based and are covered with tarmac,  some are good walks up onto the hills North of Mere, some are walks through fields and hills to the south and east of the village, some are parts of longer walks like the Monarch Way or the Mid Wilts Way.  

Many of the walks are steeped in the history of the area having provided the people of Mere with the way from farms to church and shops for many years.  

The geology and topography of the Parish is truly varied and the paths are an excellent way to see, smell and hear what this part of the country has to offer.  

Enjoy the Outstanding Natural Beauty of Mere!

Should you find a path difficult because of damaged stiles, obstructions or overgrown paths then let us know at

New on our Website

Maps This page has the maps we use to identify the footpaths of Mere. (property of Wiltshire Rights of Way).

Recent Work This page will have an annotated map showing where we have been working.

  • Gates

    To make the paths of Mere more accessible, we are hoping to install more of these super kissing gates.  First, we need to raise the money to buy them and then talk to landowners about replacing stiles with them.  We can also use self-closing gates if the landowner is happy with them.

  • Hard surface paths

    Mere is lucky to have a good many hard surface paths in and around the Town.  We have added to this with a hard surface between Whitebridge and Mill Lane.  We widened the bridge to make this part of a circular path that mobility scooters, wheelchairs and pushchairs are able to use.  Our thanks to the landowners for letting this be done and for helping with the upkeep.

Orchids on Footpath 2!
Yes, this is on the footpath which goes by the sewage works! But they are modern and do not smell.  The path goes East West from Lordsmead to the Gillingham Road. Particularly in spring there are a good number of wild flowers in the fields including Southern Marsh Orchids.  There is always a view of Mere and Castle Hill and the Downs to the North. 

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